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From Kissing to belly stridulation: Comparative analysis reveals suprising diversity, rapid evolution, and much homoplasy in the mating behavior of 27 species of sepsid flies

(C) 2009 Nalini Puniamoorthy1,2, Denise Tan Siew Hoong1, Mirza Rifqi Bin Ismail1 and Rudolf Meier1

(1) Department of Biological Sciences and (2) Zoologisches Museum Universität Zürich-Irchel


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01 Circling

02 Initial mount

03 Effect of struggle on incopula pair

04 Male proboscis-female interaction

05 Male grasp of female wingbase

06 Male FL after release

07 Male ML position

08 Motion restricted to mid tarsi

09 Non-contact ML movement

10 Direction of ML movement

11 ML movement away from female head

12 ML rotation during tarsal curl

13 Number of tarsal curls per ML movement

14 ML interaction with female head

15 ML interaction with female abdomen

16 ML interaction with female thorax

17 ML interaction with female wings

18 Male ML to female ML grasp

19 Contact of male HL to substrate

20 Non-contact movement of male HL

21 Usage of male HL

22 ML-HL rub

23 Part of fem body male rubs after HL rub

24 Movement of male abdomen

25 Surstylus stimulation

26 Male tapping female with modified sternites

27 Separation

28 Female Shake

29 Type of female shake

30 Female FL movements

31 Female hindleg movements

32 Female ejection of ovipositor


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Supplementary material for Journal Paper "From Kissing to Belly Stridulation: Comparative Analysis Reveals Surprising Diversity, Rapid Evolution, and much Homoplasy in the Mating Behavior of 27 Species of Sepsid Flies (Diptera: Sepsidae)" (Puniamoorthy et al., 2009, Journal of Evolutionary Biology); Character descriptions for sepsid mating behavior. By the Evolutionary Biology Laboratory, of the National University of Singapore, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Singapore License.

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