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ZYGOPTERA (Damselflies)


Vestalis amoena
(Charming Flashwing)


Libellago aurantiaca
(Fiery Gem)


Agriocnemis feminaAgriocnemis femina
(Variable Wisp)
Archibasis violaArchibasis viola
(Violet Sprite)
Ceriagrion cerinorubellumCeriagrion cerinorubellum
(Ornate Coraltail)
Ischnura senegalensisIschnura senegalensis
(Common Bluetail)
Mortonagrion arthuri
(Arthur's Midget)

Pseudagrion australasiae
(Look-alike Sprite)
Pseudagrion microcephalumPseudagrion microcephalum
(Blue Sprite)
Pseudagrion pruinosumPseudagrion pruinosum
(Grey Sprite)


Lestes praemorsus decipiensLestes praemorsus decipiens
(Crenulated Spreadwing)


ANISOPTERA (Dragonflies)


Anax guttatusAnax guttatus


Epophthalmia vittigeraEpophthalmia vittigera
(Pond Cruiser)


Epophthalmia vittigeraAcrogomphus malayanus
(Malayan clubtail)
Macrogomphus quadratus
Merogomphus femoralis
(Malayan Spineleg)


Acisoma panorpoidesAcisoma panorpoides
(Trumpet Tail)
Aethriamanta gracilisAethriamanta gracilis
(Pond Adjutant)
Brachydiplax chalybea
(Blue Dasher)
Macrodiplax coraMacrodiplax cora
(Coastal Glider)
Neurothemis fluctuansNeurothemis fluctuans
(Common Parasol)

Orchithemis pruinans
(Blue Sentinel)
Orthetrum chrysisOrthetrum chrysis
(Spine-tufted Skimmer)
Orthetrum sabinaOrthetrum sabina
(Variegated Green Skimmer)
Rhodothemis rufaRhodothemis rufa
(Common Redbolt)
Rhyothemis phyllisRhyothemis phyllis
(Yellow-Barred Flutterer)

Rhyothemis triangularisRhyothemis triangularis
(Sapphire Flutterer)
Tholymis tillargaTholymis tillarga
(White-Barred Duskhawk)
Tramea transmarina eurayleTramea transmarina eurayle
(Saddlebag Glider)
Trithemis auroraTrithemis aurora
(Crimson Dropwing)
Trithemis festiva
(Indigo Dropwing)
Tyriobapta torrida
Urothemis signata insignata
(Scarlet Basker)


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Images and information obtained by Darren Yeo

This resource would not have been made possible without collaborators who supplied us with specimens and expertise. To contribute to the better understanding and characterization of Singapore's Odonata nymphs, please contact me at cloudfire@gmail.com

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