The research projects in the Meier lab cover an array of topics. Here are some examples of Honours projects that were completed in this lab. Prospective students are encouraged to take a look at these to get a general idea of the scope of final year projects.
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Species Discovery in Singapore
The Morphology and Ecology of Singapore's Odonate Nymphs by Darren Yeo (2014)
Orthoptera in Singapore: diversity, new species and the predatory katydids by Tan Ming Kai (2015)
Biomonitoring for the 21st Century: Species Level Resolution of Macrobenthos by Lee Zhi Heng (2016)
High Congruence Between Morphology & DNA Barcoding Allows Rapid Species Identification in Dolichopodidae by Chin KaiQing (2016)
Towards cheap, high recovery and accurate identification of snails (Gastropoda) with short DNA barcodes by Rebecca Loh Ker (2016)
Next-Gen Sequencing reveals overwhelming species diversity in two insect groups by Theodore Lee Tze Ming (2016)
Biodiversity, Systematics & Taxonomy Sexual Selection
A new hitchhicking invasive in Singapore: the eye gnat Hippelates proboscideus by Cheong Shu Min (2013)
Testing the the validity of biodiversity hotspots and endemic bird areas for invertebrates by Lily Kwan (2011)
A study of wingless Phorids in Singapore (Scuttle flies) by Lam Yat Sau (2010)
DNA barcoding of Southeast Asian Aquarium Fish by Ng Yi Hui Eunice (2008)
DNA barcoding of animal life - a quantitative assessment by Zhang Guanyang (2007)
Saltella sphondylii: Multiple copulations do not reduce male longevity in Sepsidae by Ivy Yoong Kai Shen (2013)
The effect if a female-biased sex ratio on male sexual ornaments in Themira superba: an artificial selection experiment by Wong Wing Hing (2012)
Investigating species limits and sexual sleection in the "widespread" Allosepsis indica by Denise Tan Siew Hong (2008)
Sexual selection in Sepsidae (Diptera) by Nalini Puniamoorthy (2006)
Phylogenetics Morphology & Genetics
Building the tree-of-life for Sepsidae (Diptera) using different alignment methods by Ang Shi Hui Annie (2011)
Reconstructing the phylogeny of Coelopidae by Ang Yuchen (2008)
Phylogenetic relationships of primates by Ian Wahyu Ananto (2006)
The phylogeny and evolution of jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae), with a focus on evolution of prey catching behaviour in the primitive jumping spider subfamily Spartaeinae by Kathy Su Feng Yi (2004)
Phenotype genotype associations: the case of primate hearing and vocalization by Amrita Srivathsan (2010)
Conflict and congruence between DNA and morphology in insect systematics by Lim Shimin Gwynne (2008)
Bio-prospecting bloodsucking flies for anticoagulants and antimicrobial peptides by Kwong Shiyang (2006)

Last updated: May 20, 2014